Virtual Tickets Oct 2023

Our Mission

Our mission is simply to ...

illuminate the AWESOMENESS of our Chiropractic Philosophy, Art and Science in the hearts and
minds of everyone who joins The IN8 Summit community.

By bringing together thought leaders, philosophers, business experts, scientists and frankly, downright legends
to the stage, our goal is to create the most immersive and fun experience for everyone so you can impact your
community at a deeper level moving forward.

Its all about connection – that’s why we show up rain, hail or pandemic; that’s why we livestream around the
world; that why we party together Saturday Night; that’s why we will do it all again next year!

“The IN8 summit is redefining how organisations and professionals connect, collaborate and develop skills that allow our industry to reach a greater audience and help those in need.

Dr. Sam Floreani
Founder & CEO