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Dr. Liz Anderson-Peacock engages audiences around the world, speaking and bringing a revitalized approach to the workplace and teams, facilitating corporate groups working on mindset, motivation, and matching values with vision all to empower results through embracing self-leadership over management and greater connection between people.

DR MO ANDREWS (Confirmed May)

Dr Mo Andrews is a chiropractor, neuroscientist and international award-winning speaker who has been teaching about chiropractic and the mind-body continuum for the last 20 years. Affectionately known as ‘Dr. Mo’, she is adored for her ability to make even the most difficult concepts accessible.


Having been part of the initial NZCA led formation group of the College, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for 10 years and a member of the faculty for 25+ years, he has played an integral and vital role in shaping chiropractic education in New Zealand. The NZCC has a worldwide reputation for producing graduates of a very high standard


As a certified Profit First Professional, Laura Elkaslassy’s passion is enabling business owners to build sustainable businesses through learning how to generate profit, structuring systems for financial success, and earning the income they deserve. She first started using the term ‘Profit Pioneer’ in early 2016 as a way to eloquently define the broad spectrum of services that she provides to her clients.


Dr. Ash Pritchard is here to play the long game.

When asked how long he’s been a rockstar in the industry, Dr. Ash humbly states that he prefers to be the drummer, not the rockstar – the constant that’s keeping the beat.

His proudest achievements in life are being a Husband, a Father and a Chiropractor and prefers to bring simplicity, authenticity and excitement to the table in life and in Chiropractic.


Max was born in England and has lived in many different countries including Spain, US, Russia, China and New Zealand. He has a background as a Professional tennis player where he first got in touch with Chiropractic to improve his performance.


Katie has had the pleasure and honour of calling herself a Chiropractor for the last 22 years. For 20 of those years, Katie has practised at Advanced Health Chiropractic in Auckland, New Zealand alongside a rockstar team. Katie is passionate about a community of families living extraordinary lives through Chiropractic. Katie is still amazed at the impact and ripples of magic that occur when a newborn receives their first adjustment and innate shines through. Katie calls this her happy place.


Brett Jones is on this planet to help facilitate the re-connection of humanity to heal, live, and evolve naturally. Brett was born and raised in Hemet, California with this three brothers and loving parents. He spent most of hist time engaged in athletic activities and reading every book he could get his hands on.

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