Tim Leeming Bio In8 Summit 2021

“Many of us can’t live in nature, but we can all live more naturally”

Tim holds a passion for Chiropractic extending way past his years. As a Chiropractor, Nutritionist and NZ Rowing National Representative, Tim lives and breathes a naturally active and healthy lifestyle. As a young Chiropractor Tim is wholeheartedly committed to the profession and is an astounding role model for graduating Chiros.

Tim is a contributor to NZCC & ACC and haas previously taken on a role as Committee Chair at the ACA. Tim describes himself as being”fired up for chiropractic – and more importantly – for humanity who will receive our care”.

Tim has so quickly learnt how to care for community through fantastic procedures, awesome adjusting skills and development of a great team.

This has allowed Tim to grow his practice immesnly, seeing over 300 patients a week. Tim attests his awesome friends as the reason he is here, a true testament to how awesome and connected our community is.