Stew Bittman Bio In8 Summit 2021

Dr. Stew Bittman is loved by the chiropractic community around the world.

He has spent 39 years in chiropractic, practicing for 24 years (12 of those with a donation box on the wall), and more recently coaching, speaking and leading workshops. Stew spent 15 years learning, traveling, speaking and teaching alongside the great chiropractic leader, Jim Sigafoose, and since then has brought his own unique brand of wisdom and love to the chiropractic world.

He is the creator of the “Chiropractic from the Heart” workshops, which have opened the hearts of thousands of people internationally and taught them that true success starts with a free and open heart.

Stew also does a weekly podcast called “Stew-on-This”, sharing his life experiences and his love for mankind through messages of wholeness, peace, love, compassion, support, and humor. He is looking forward to traveling again soon to bring his gifts in person…