The Covid-19 Back Up Plan

What if sh#t hits the fan…

We are committed to a LIVE and in person event right here in Melbourne for all Australian attendees. However, we know we need to be realistic considering the sporadic restrictions that could prevent an in-person event – especially in Victoria. If you live outside of Australia, you can buy a virtual ticket by clicking here.

We want to over deliver with value, and there will be no exceptions to that rule if we have to go completely virtual.

We have a plan. 

The Virtual Package

A 3 day virtual event + 25% discount +  LOADS of extended content

(normally valued at $1,200+)

What will this look like?

Your ticket will immediately grant you a 25% discount off the next 3 IN8 Summits at all 3 locations in 2022/2023 AND it will become the key to an abundance of resources and extended access to all supplied content.

Virtual Package IN8 Summit inclusions:

  • A coupon to the value of 25% of the amount you spent towards 2021 tickets. This can be used at any  of the next 3 IN8 Summits coming in 2022 and 2023 (Victoria and beyond…)
  • A “Brownlow Medal” virtual LIVE experience (classy, interactive and refined LIVE stream)
  • Live-stream over the 3 days, with all speakers
  • Exclusive log in and access to The IN8 Summit 2021 replay for 6 months (valued at $499)
  • Access to 2020 Virtual IN8 Summit recording for 3 months (valued at $399)
  • CA 6 module virtual training (valued at $199)
  • Full access to all international speaker talks  (think overseas access without the flights, travel or accommodation)
  • FREE digital marketing promotions for your practice – testimonials, innate intelligence focussed content that passes all legalities
  • Watch parties all over the world


    For Group bookings: The Virtual Package will be applied to the first 4 tickets of greatest value. All tickets thereafter will be credited at 100% purchase value.

When it comes into action…

Please note this Virtual Package will only apply to the following scenarios and/or people who purchase LIVE and in person 2021 tickets.

At time of the event:

  • Government or border restrictions prevent you from travelling to Melbourne completely/ or without quarantining for 14+ days
  • Restrictions only allow gatherings of a certain number (in this case we will continue with a live event based on attendee proximity and order of ticket purchased, remaining ticket holders will be granted the Virtual Package).

  • The in-person event is cancelled due to restrictions.

Please note: You cannot buy a Virtual Package. All tickets must be purchased as LIVE tickets via the website. Your LIVE ticket can be automatically transferred into a Virtual Package if you are impacted by the above restrictions at time of event.