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Dr Tim Shakespeare 


tim-shakespear2"In just 6years in practice Tim has completed the Academy of a Chiropractic Philosophers program through the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, served on the board of the Chiropractors Association of Australia (NSW), and spoken at Chiropractic seminars both nationally and internationally, including New Zealand, the USA and Spain.

In private practice Tim has been known for his ability to convert audiences into new patients, signing up 50-120% of attendees at any given talk.

On one occasion Tim signed up 45 new patients from a single talk to a firm that specialises in Medical finance. Lol.

As the owners of Life Rebel Chiropractic in their home town of Carrington, Tim and his wife Laura have created a practice that is as sexy and different as the principle itself.

Under constant attack since it's birth in May 2015, LRC has grown rapidly against adversity into the most rocking practice in OZ.

At the IN8 Summit, Tim will present an uncensored talk on staying the course through fear and the most hostile of environments by anchoring ones self to the values of Truth, Passion and Purpose.