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Dr Marc Hudson

The man who has devoted his existence to creating a better profession so that we can all create a better world, the ever-inspiring Marc Hudson.


Marc Hudson graduated Parker in 1994 and moved to Spain to start his practice.

After years in practice he finally 'Got the Big Idea' at Dynamic Essentials in 1997. His new understanding of chiropractic completely changed the way he practiced and the outcomes of his patients (for the better of course). 
Marc and his wife Lynn McAvenia had a vision to spread the Big Idea and everything they had learned to other Chiropractors and as such founded Chiroeurope Seminars which has changed the chiropracTIC culture in Europe.

An unforgettable career highlight includes when he adjusted his first paralyzed baby who recuperated movement in 1998.

Marc has built a 100% internal referral practice that has averaged 175 visits a day for 20 years.

Having raised $2,500,000USD to found Barcelona College of Chiropractic, it is clear that this mighty man has a key role in the future of Vitalistic Chiropractors in Europe and worldwide.

On the political scene Marc was appointed to Life University Board of Trustees, served as immediate past President of the Spanish Chiropractic Association, and helped Spain become the only country in Europe with a majority of Vitalistic Chiropractors.

Marc is completely dedicated to creating 300 Sparta practices in Europe: Ethical, vibrant, ultra-successful vitalistic practices that will forever change the political chiropracTIC culture in Europe.

We are so honoured to have him share his unique energy and wisdom on our stage at the IN8 Summit in Australia!