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Dr Gabriel Floreani

Vitalistic health expert, international Speaker, Corporate health educator, mother of two, bed-time story oscar nominee and co-founder of The IN8 Life Chiropractic Studio and The IN8 Summit Vitalistic chiropractic seminar.

Beginning her career in Melbourne and then later relocating to Europe, Gabriel has spent the past 5 years growing one of the busiest chiropractic offices in Italy. Gabriel really found her innate flame and passion for vitalistic principles after having both of her 2 children born at home in a country where home births are less then .04%. 

In practice she has accidentally established herself as the vitalistic female guru through her loving and honest way of educating all of her clients in Italy, and more recently on stage at the Chiroeurope seminar, in Malaga Spain, 2015.

With two young children and a demanding husband, Gabriel has also been the master mind behind the IN8 summit.

Her passion and vision for creating change in our chiropractic community so that we may all work together to change the world as we know it is unparalleled to anything else. Like Raw Chiro, the IN8 Summit offers an uncensored forum to bring excited vitalistic Chiropractors together to talk TIC and strengthen their own passion and conviction by forming a community. As the convener and event manager (and most everything in between) the 2015 Summit was huge success and will undoubtedly grow and be even more exciting in August 2016.

Dr Gab is an eloquent communicator with an extremely down to earth presence. She has a huge passion for teaching people the importance of first of all understanding what is the inborn IN8 intelligence inside all of us, and after, teaches people how to live the IN8 life on a day to day basis. At Raw, She looks forward to discussing the health care paradigms of our modern world and how we as ChiropracTORS can have the biggest impact. Although she maybe little in stature she delivers a very powerful message.